Been a while since your last dive? ReActivate!

If you have not been in the water for several years, or are just not sure of your scuba skills, then ReActivate is for you. Did you know that due to changes in new equipment, some skills have changed? Other skills have been added to the certification process. Don’t risk not being up to date.

Cost & Schedule

Cost: ReActivate for the tablet is $62.00, then the pool session is $75. If you would rather have a verbal review with the pool session, then the class would be $100 plus admission to the YMCA. The assumption is made that you have your own equipment. If rental is needed, there will be a $15 fee for equipment.

Schedule: ReActivate is scheduled on an as-needed basis. Call/text for available dates and times.

To Sign Up: Click here to go to the contact us form and send us a message, or call/Text 315-796-8216.